Hydrofoil Semi-Submarine Tour in El Gouna Red Sea

Tour Itinerary

Take a fast and exciting high-speed hydrofoil semi-submarine tour from the Abydos Marina in El Gouna to the coral reefs nearby. See the colorful coral reefs, the sea life teeming within them, and maybe make a few dolphin friends along the way.
Cruise through El Gouna’s colorful coral reefs on an exciting hydrofoil ride. Your high-speed hydrofoil semi-submarine The Flying Dutchman will zip you out into the Red Sea and over to the reefs in no time. The Flying Dutchman can reach speeds up to 31 mph (50 km/h), ensuring you a speedy trip to El Gouna’s stunning coral world.
The Flying Dutchman will take you from Abydos Marina to the coral reefs in only 10-15 minutes. Along the way, there is a very good chance you will pass dolphins swimming quickly to try and keep up with your boat! Once you reach the reefs, you will have an entire hour to observe the coral and the life that teems within it: the fish, the plants, and more. Look down through the glass bottom of the boat and experience an underwater world. Then you will zip back to the Abydos Marina, perhaps picking up your dolphin friends along the way.
This is a tour meant for the whole family. Everyone, young and old, will enjoy the excitement of a hydrofoil ride and be awed by the beauty of the Red Sea’s coral reefs. The Flying Dutchman is an environmentally friendly boat, as the engines all meet EC emission standards. Grab the chance to experience this great activity off the coast of El Gouna!


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- Lunch meal
- Soft drinks
- Mineral water
- Coffee & Tea
- Snorkeling equipment (mask & snorkel)
- Towel use


- Personal Expenses
- Hard drinks

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Tour Prices
Number of Persons Price per Person
2-3 $22
4-6 $22
7-10 $22
more than 10
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