Cruises in Lake Nasser Aswan-Abu Simbel

Starts From 285 $

MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise

enjoy sailing on great ship MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise , have this wonderful chance to enjoy the magnificence of Kalabsha Temple, Beit El Wali, Wadi El Seboua, Amada Temple, the Kasr Ibrim Citadel, and Abu Simbel Temples. Aside from these wonderful sites, savor every meal served on board prepared in a truly Egyptian way. You can choose from 2 tour packages, 4 days or 5 days. Whatever your choice may be, we will surely make this tour a memory worth keeping.

Starts From 355 $

MS Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise

The Movenpick MS Prince Abbas offers a great chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Nasser. Discover magnificent temples and tombs of the ancient world on your cruise down ancient Egyptian history

Starts From 399 $

MS African Dreams Lake Nasser Cruise

enjoy sailing with MS African Dreams Lake Nasser Crusie consists of 5 decks. Each deck is decorated in a different style, such as African, oriental, modern & Moroccian, which will let you feel, as if you are always on a fantastic journey to a new adventure..

Starts From 410 $

MS Eugenie Lake Cruise

Eugenie, the first ship to sail Lake Nasser, launched a new era of tourism, offering travelers fresh vistas of Egypt’s natural beauty and archeological treasures. Lake Nasser extended the boundaries of Egypt’s touristic possibilities, while the Eugenie reminds us of this ancient country’s endless capacity for renewal.

Starts From 410 $

Jaz Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise

Jaz Omar El Khayam 5-star deluxe cruise ship is the newest boat to sail in Lake Nasser,. embark an unprecedented adventure that takes you through the ancient era of the Egyptian civilization.

Starts From 405 $

Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise

The MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Luxury Cruise Ship Adventure Tour will not cover any extras and personal expenses. Designed in the style of an elegant turn-of-the-century Nile steamship. Kasr Ibrim offers the travelers the opportunity to discover the archaeological treasures which surround this huge lake. This ship features warm wooden paneling throughout and plush red and green antique furnishing. Discover Lake Nasser and the treasures of the River Nile on this fantastic lifetime trip of discovery. Discover the mysteries of Upper Egypt on the M.S. Kasr Ibrim to explore the enchanted Nubian treasures of Lake Nasser.

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