What is Dahabiya Cruise? - Sailing in small group - Maximum 12-14 Persons - No motor engine - Discover Nile River islands - More visits than regular cruise - Possible to take it (charter ) private for your family & Friends - Peaceful & Classical way to navigate on the river Nile What is Dahabiya Cruise? Dahabiya also spelled (dahabeyya, dahabeyah, dahabiah , dahabiyah and Dahabia) . These river-going sailboats were common in Egypt in the days of the monarchy (1920s-40s) when travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. We've revived those elegant days, but with modern comforts. The Dahabiya cruise is an original and peaceful option to navigate on the river Nile and discover the most singular places of the landscape. Dahabiya cruises provide all the facilities of large cruise ships while offering the advantage of a more intimate setting. Dahabiyas have only 16 passengers, compared to an average of more than 120 guests on a large cruise boat.

Lake Nasser Cruises

Enjoy an unforgettable stayon board Lake Nasser cruises. Lake Nasser cruises sailing between Abu Simbel and Aswan. Aswan Lake cruises is a 5 star luxury ships. Check our cruise hot deals

Nile Cruises Luxor - Aswan

Luxor - Aswan Nile Cruises in Egypt. To fully discover the ancient wonders of Egypt, a cruise on the River Nile is truly an unforgettable experience. The Nile River has been Egypt's lifeline since ancient times and there is no better way to trace the passage of Egypt's history than to follow the course of the Nile. Each day gives you every opportunity to explore new sights or simply enjoy a different view. We have a great selection of superb boats to choose from, all specifically designed with the Nile in mind. We carefully select all of our boats, so you can be rest assured of the best service and facilities as well as exceptional value for money. We offer a choice of four and seven night cruises from standard 5 star to 5 star luxury.

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